Our Approach

Texas Wilson brings a powerful combination of resources, technology, experience and outstanding people to serve you.  As a combined force, we can execute any project with precision no matter the size. As an added feature to your comprehensive service, the team members assigned to your project in the beginning, will remain consistent after the initial project is complete to support your organization with your furniture and service requirements

The Texas Wilson – Team Advantage

  • Clear accountability for all project activities
  • Deep experience with large projects
  • Proven track record in every area within the scope of work                                   

We create a dedicated team with consideration of experience and quality of performance. This includes a back-up plan with assistant team members if the scope of work exceeds team work load capacity.

In addition to the above team members, all projects are executed following our proven project phase…Explore, Plan, Provide, and Manage to ensure contract compliance and complete customer satisfaction.

GSA Contract holder

GSA has been delivering the best value in real estate, acquisition and technology services, to the federal government and American people for more than 67 years. Texas Wilson has served an extensive list of government agencies since 1985, having held a GSA certification throughout the history of its existence.

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