Workplace Issues

Within the ecosystem, there also needs to be a palette of posture – spaces that encourage people to sit, stand and move throughout their day, while supporting the different kinds of work they do and the multiple technologies they use.

Equally, people need a palette of presence – spaces that allow them to have quality interactions in both the physical and virtual workplace. The more distributed our work is, the more critical it becomes that the places we work help us “live on video” – in easy and emotionally engaging ways.

The reason we are so passionate about this approach is we have seen first-hand how it can address the key workplace issues our customers talk to us about:

Employee Attraction & Retention + Brand Culture + Technology + Engagement + Ecosystem

At Texas Wilson, we believe in designing resilient workplaces that support the holistic wellbeing of people to amplify employee engagement and satisfaction. And ultimately, we believe in this can help unlock human promise.



Somewhere between Dilbert and The Jetsons, our workplace changed. We went from private executive office suites and rows of cubicles to open floor plans and a mobile workforce. And, the pace of change has only continued to accelerate…

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The Creative Shift

“Ideas are the currency of the new economy.”

That quote came from Richard Florida, an economist and social scientist who authored The Rise of the Creative Class… over fifteen years ago in 2002….

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