If you have an office job, you will sit at your desk for somewhere between 70-90% of your typical workday. Odds are, you are sitting right now while reading this (and full disclosure, I am sitting while writing it). Since you spend a majority of your time sitting, your office chair has a huge effect on not only your immediate comfort but your long-term health.

The wrong chair can have significant negative consequences on both your body and mind. Neck, back, and shoulder pain are some of the biggest indicators that your chair is not supporting you correctly. And this pain is not just a small nuisance. In fact, back pain is one of the most common reasons for employees to miss work. Even more jarring, reports found that uncomfortable office chairs can lead to mental health problems including stress and depression.

So how do you find an office chair that will help you avoid all these issues? Well, the trick is finding a chair that’s ergonomic.

Not exactly up to speed on what ergonomic means? Here’s the recap. Ergonomics is the applied science of designing things that will fit the people who use them.  An ergonomic chair is supportive in all the right places and easily customizable. It can be tailored to fit each individual user and help create a comfortable, safe, and efficient work place. That’s the kind of chair you should be looking for!

Check out our top 5 favorite ergonomic office chairs below.

Gesture by Steelcase

Steelcase is one of the leading researchers in ergonomics and Gesture is a great example of how they utilize their insights to create products that work for their users. After a global posture study across 6 continents, Steelcase found that new technology and new behaviors led to nine new postures used while at work that were not considered in their current seating solutions. Gesture was created to address these new postures and help workers combat fatigue and back strain.


  • Unique 360° arms mimic the human arm’s natural movements
  • Flexible 3D LiveBack design allows the chair’s back to conform to a variety of users and their postures
  • Unique core-equalizer system increases or decreases lumbar support when reclined or upright
  • Alterable back stop system creates a tension-adjustable recline system
  • Flexible seat edges minimize pressure against thighs
  • Seat slider offers quick seat depth customization for users of different heights
  • Optional adjustable lumbar support provides extra support for the lower back with 4″ height-adjustment