This year at NeoCon, the Steelcase Education showroom is supporting storytelling for our two main stories:

  1. A Revised Lesson Plan for Student Success
    • Steelcase Education researchers explore evolving definitions of student success, along with innovative strategies and new metrics.
  1. Teaching the Creative Process: Think, Make, Share.
  • To teach creativity, schools are scrapping old paradigms and using new, innovative pedagogies and learning spaces. Based on extensive research at schools, colleges and universities, Steelcase has developed design considerations for creative learning environments. Teaching the creative process has three main parts: Think, Make, Share.


Steelcase Education is highlighting a Think. Make. Share. application in the back of the showroom to demonstrate how Steelcase can support teaching creativity and divergent thinking. Thread, Brody with USB and Brody Low-Profile with Power will also be on display.