Libraries have changed drastically over the years. They are no longer just places where one goes to find books. Our work at William J. Brennan High School’s Library transformed the student experience of many high schoolers. Harry Ostlund, Librarian at Brennan High School, emphasizes that “the furniture was the root of an attitude change, [it] has changed from a social environment to a college experience ready space”.

In 2017, Texas Wilson started an exciting project at Brennan Library. At that time, the library’s student lounge area had beanbags scattered around which were constantly misplaced by students. The space also had very heavy tables that could not be easily maneuvered for special events.

Brennan library is now a modern space where students can be productive and comfortable. The renovation has increased the usage of the space and its resources. The library now hosts numerous events such as, faculty trainings, student concerts, professional development classes, and more. 

One of the most notable events hosted in the library is Literacy Night. It is an annual event that is all student-run by high school clubs that brings the community together for a night to celebrate literacy. The event is open to the public but mainly targets elementary and middle schools. There were over 600 attendees last year, and over 5,000 books were distributed to students. Dr. John Trimble, principal of Brennan High School, remarked, “It is great to see families attending together, spending time sharing their love of learning.”

According to Ostlund, the Brody lounge chairs are the favorite among students and are in high demand. We are so glad to hear that students at Brennan High School are enjoying the flexibility and quality of their new space.